The novelties of ESCHENBACH at Internorga 2017

Elegant coup design, attractive coffee service and a cooking pot made of

porcelain - The novelties of ESCHENBACH at Internorga 2017

The Eschenbach Porzellan Group is presenting three new porcelain subjects at Internorga 2017 in Hamburg, Germany: The new collection SIMPLY COUP is the ideal tableware for an elegant and modern table arranged by professional hosts. The only-white coffee collection BARISTAR is given a colorful look. Additionally ESCHENBACH presents its innovative porcelain cooking pot COOK & SERVE, which allows preparing, cooking, baking, grilling, storing and warming up all sorts of delicious meals in only one dish.

The new porcelain collection SIMPLY COUP by ESCHENBACH is characterized by its simple and elegant form. The modestly shaped articles offer the professional cook an ideal stage for his creative food presentation. SIMPLY COUP integrates itself easily on the stylish-modern table and creates a harmonic and modest impression. The new collection contains flat plates (17, 21, 26, 30 cm), deep plates (14, 20,5, 23, 29 cm) and oval platters in the following sizes: 23, 32, 38 cm. Dishes in 8, 9, 10 cm, a bowl with 16 cm diameter and three tear shaped dip-dishes in 15, 18, 21 cm complete the collection. Optionally SIMPLY COUP is available in an also new and maritime decor: Stylized fishes, wave motions and blue fond create a pleasant and friendly porcelain. No matter the combination the interaction of all articles in white and/or decor is always perfect.

In close cooperation coffee roasters SUST from Gotha/Germany, a Barista, coffee sommelier and ESCHENBACH product designer Claudia Bischoff have developed a line of coffee cups especially designed to fulfill all requirements resulting in truly good coffee. The BARISTAR collection of cups consists of six different sizes made for espresso, coffee, cappuccino italiano, cappuccino and café au lait. It includes a tall coffee cup and is complemented by two different types of saucers in centric and an off-centric design. In 2017 the so far only-white articles will be complemented by modern colors: orange-brown, green, grey and blue. Therefore with form, function and color of BARISTAR professional hosts can complement and underline their corporate identity in hotels, coffee houses, bars and lounges in a very unobstructed way.

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