NAThüringen 2019

We are alliance partner of NAThüringen in order to save resources, establish sustainability and environmental protection in Thuringia!

Our goal: Save the environment – and our Thuringian Forest in particular - for younger generations. We are committed to the careful use of natural resources, because environmental, natural and climate protection is very important to us as a traditional Thuringian company based in Triptis.

Our contribution:
- Annual improvements of energy efficiency through photovoltaic and heat recovery
- Promotion of Diversity in the company
- Support on social matters
- Technical and commercial training as well as dual studies with a focus on Business Informatics

Furthermore, our products also reflect the topic of sustainability. The Tavolina – Our porcelain drinking bottle, is a healthy and resource-saving alternative to conventional plastic bottles. COOK & SERVE - The porcelain cooking pot offers the possibility to cook at low temperatures on the stove and, in addition, is easy to clean.

This qualifies us as a partner in the Alliance NAThüringen.

More details concerning the Alliance NAThuringen can be found at

Our Tavolina:
The porcelain cooking pot COOK & SERVE:

Join in and get involved, this world is unique!

Pictures by: NAT

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