Traide fairs 2022

Trade fairs planned for 2022 in the advertising, hotel and retail sectors

ESCHENBACH PORZELLAN - Porcelain "Made in Germany" since 1891

Portfolio: ESCHENBACH PORZELLAN offers innovation, individuality, design, sustainability and flexibility - whether classic promotional mugs, office porcelain or high-quality promotional and premium articles, such as the innovative porcelain cooking pot "COOK & SERVE". Porcelain articles can be customised entirely according to the customer's wishes and customer CI with a wide variety of finishing techniques such as concrete optics, relief engravings, glazes, special surfaces and much more.

Haptica® live ’22Bonn06.09.2022
WerbeWiesn XXL 2022München14.09.2022
GWW TrendWiesbaden27.09.2022



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