Sarah Bräuner

1987 born in Berlin » studied Product design at the College of Art in Berlin Weißensee and at Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver Canada » Work experience as designer and model maker at the Studios : Mark Braun, Tina Roeder und Claudia Schoemig Porzellan

In the work of the Berliner product designer one theme plays a special role: Using tableware as the source of ideas, and examinating eating and drinking customs through tableware. Sarah Bräuner is inspired by classical rituals, developing modifications and innovations from these sources. Her main objective is to contrast the spirit of our current, hurried, fast-paced times with actions that bring tranquillity. The designer wants to make us aware that eating and drinking is not the hectic ingestion of fast food, but a part of our culture, to be cared for and to be approached with respect. Just as we give care and respect while purchasing food. What is used for preparing and eating food is part of the experience. Sarah Bräuner brought the model of her filter coffee pot „Coffea Caeremonia“ with her to Triptis. Making moulds and producing it in porcelain were her goals. Her design is a filter which is used simultaneously as a lid, it remains on the pot after brewing, leaving the coffee grinds visible. Up until this point, this product existed only out of glass. But porcelain and hot drinks, pot and filter, the smell of coffee and a white clay body, these are motifs that work together well. The design of the pot makes the user pay attention to the preparation process in a unique way, it surprises as it reveals the successful connection of the filter to the cork ring. Sarah Bräuner also cast a cup model from the current production line with thin walls and eliminated the handle. She experimented with a variety of decorations in blue and white. In addition, she created pieces of jewellery which emerged playfully from pieces of spoons, heterogeneous dinnerware sets, and a group of rabbits with artificial cork limbs.


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