Sarah Pschorn

1989 born in Dresden » 2008-2009 Internship at Omse e.V. Potters, Dresden, with Gunther Neustadt » 2009-2015 Acedemic studies: Art, Sculpture and Ceramics at the University of Art and Design, Burg Giebichenstein Halle/Saale » 2012 DAA D scholarship for advanced training in the arts » 2012-2013 Year abroad at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem, Israel, Department of Photography and Ceramics » 2015 Diploma in Ceramics/Sculpture/Art, University of Art and Design, Burg Giebichenstein Halle/Saale » since 2016 freelance artist in Leipzig

The works of the Leipziger artist are based on things that she encounters in everyday life. Above all, she is fascinated by vessels. In them, she discovers the dynamics and the basic shapes for her compositions. Sarah Pschorn then composes expressive characters. Her sculptures produce emotions and carry tensions in them. In Triptis she continued to create pieces derived from vessels which reveal their origins. However, one of her artistic principles is based on the liberation of objects from their original purpose, transforming them and giving them new interpretations. This is why she deliberately came to the Triptis „Spielraum“ without her own moulds. Instead, she worked with company models which she reshaped, combined and decorated with colours mainly from the resources of the factory. Her goal was to reflect the spirit of our time in the pieces, without hiding their traditional origins. The compositions, which contain pieces of glass and plastic, intentionally record and present personal impressions. What is modern? This is a question of personal taste and has to be answered individually. Today, Baroque ostentation can be combined with Bauhaus objectivity and the flowing style of Art Nouveau. Sarah Pschorns craft puts this to the test, she consciously renounces perfection. Visible traces of how she worked with the material (in this case porcelain) can be seen. Even the defects that occur, such as cracking or sinking during firing are accepted as part of the process of creation. A closer look reveals a certain sense of humour that characterises the attitude of the artist.


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