Eschenbach hilft

Social responsibility and sustainability as an enterprise are increasingly important for us. For this reason, we consider the cooperation with non-profit organizations an essential building block of a successful responsibility strategy. "Eschenbach hilft" was launched to support socially engaged projects and charities. You do voluntary work for society in our region and need our help for your activities?

With our expertise as a manufacturer of high quality porcelain products for catering and hospitality we are on your side. The Eschenbach Porzellan Group supports your commitment to society with a free equipment of dishes as required.

Apply by June 30, 2015 and send your completed application with information about your activities and  required dishes to

Neue Porzellanfabrik Triptis GmbH
Eschenbach charity
Geraer Str. 51
07819 Triptis

Based on your information a jury will decide on the promotion and notify you.

Winner 2014

The Friends of School of Music in Stavenhagen Greiz were the winners of "Eschenbach hilft" in 2014. The association received from the new porcelain factory Triptis a porcelain set according to its wishes. "We are delighted that we were selected," says the head of the association, Daniela Walter, who had compiled the application for the prize. The Association holds regular family gatherings and also takes care of the annual Stavenhagen competition to contribute to the financing of its activities. As a little sign of thankfulness, the music school organized a concert in the Lower Castle of Greiz on the occasion ot the presentation of the donation.

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