Baristar - perfect coffee enjoyment


Straight lines and harmonic curves are a pleasure that appeals to all senses. The especially thick wall of the cup helps to maintain the temperature of the coffee. The round shape of its bottom contributes to a wonderful crema. The gently expiring lines of the lip makes drinking a comfortable experience, while an ergonomically shaped handle provides a secure grip. All these attributes turn a simple „cup of coffee“ into an outstanding experience. 



Coffee is passion. Coffee is pure pleasure. Enjoying a perfect cup of coffee not only requires special expertise while preparing it. You also need a cup that will allow the aroma to fully unfold. In close cooperation with coffee roasters SUST from Gotha, a Barista, coffee somelier and ESCHENBACH product designer Claudia Bischoff have developed a line of coffee cups especially designed to fulfill all requirements resulting in truly good coffee. The name of this collection was derived from this special cooperation: BARISTAR.



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