The porcelain cooking pot „COOK & SERVE“ by Eschenbach


The porcelain cooking pot COOK & SERVE by Eschenbach brings your meals directly from the stove to the table – a perfect idea for people appreciating the fast and uncomplicated side of life. With our fire resistant porcelain, meals can be prepared, served and eaten from the same dish. This eliminates the classic separation between pot, dishes and storage vessels. At the same time, it saves time and energy, means less dishes to wash and is both ecological and environment-friendly. 

Overlay protection

The porcelain base protects the contact surface before scratches and other dramage. Through its diamond cut processing it also saves the hob.

Porcelain handles

When working on an induction hob, the handles remain pleasantly cool, without the risk of burns.

Nap structure lid

The knobbed structure on the inside of the lid of the pot serves to optimally return the condensed water to the food.


Our special porcelain mass enables a high thermal shock resistance. From the grill, to the stove, to the oven - the porcelain cooking pot is always there!

Inductible bottom


The porcelain cooking pots are made of a special, patent-pending inducTHERM® porcelain mass, which is additionally provided with an induction-compatible contact surface.


The lid.

On top, under or as choppingboard perfectly handy! 16, 18, 20 und 24 cm.

The pot.

Perfectly suitable for every meal!
16, 18, 20 und 24 cm

The shallow pot.

Cake, quiche or crème brûlée - quarantee for enjoyment!
16, 18, 20 & 24 cm

The casserole.

Ideal for gravy, heated fruits or coverture.
16 cm



A stylish and modern range of colors creates a good mood in the kitchen and on your table. The collection of porcelain cooking pots is available in twelve colors: lavender, light yellow, cherry, nougat, orange, petrol, coral, turquoise, plum, anthracite, grey-blue and black. Thereby cooking, preparing and enjoying is made even more fun with COOK & SERVE by ESCHENBACH!

Owerview of all benefits!


Preparation - cut & abrasion-resistant surface
Cooking - suitable for all kinds of stoves
Baking - can be used in the oven
Grilling - looks good on the grill
Warming Up - suitable for microwaves
Storage - cooling & freezing
Serving & Eating - shapely & stores heat longer
Space-Saving Wonder - practical & stackable
Hygienic - scratch-resistant, sealed surface
Dishwasher safe - cratch- & abrasion-resistant surface
Environmentally friendly - easy to clean
Health - gentle preparation, 100 % vergan
Suitable for allergy sufferers




Instructions for use


Easy & healthy cooking


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