Journey through time

...through over 250 years of porcelain history in Triptis, Thüringia.

The history of the material porcelain begins in the 17th century in China. Later, porcelain was very eligible in Europe too. Kings and sovereigns tried hard to discoverd the formular to creating the so called white gold.

But not just the substance porcelain has a long tradition - also our company looks back on a moving past.

April 1st, 1891

First stone laying of the porcelain factory in Triptis.
First production output by 200 skilled employees in fall 1891 (article of daily use made of porcelain).

Since 1919

Booming tendency during the Golden Twenties.


Bombing in war destoryed half of the factory. Everything was rebuilt.



Start of building the factory area and buildings we know today.
Over 25 companies and 550 specialized labors participated.

January 1st 1968

During the German Democratic Republic the company was ruled by the state system.



1.200 employees worked at the porcelain factory.


Triptis celebrated 90 years since foundation. The collection Rhapsodie was awarded a gold medal.



Company transformation into the so-called Triptis Porzellan GmbH including 400 employees.


Now Rolf H. Frowein is CEO and continues the porcelain production with focus on B2B sector. 



The brands Eschenbach, Winterling, Triptis, Graf von Henneberg and Freiberger Hotelporzellan were combined under the name ESCHENBACH Porzellan GROUP.


ESCHENBACH celebrates 125 years since foundation.
By focusing on innovation and modernity traditional brand are continued and innovations like th porcelain coooking pot introduced. The market of private consumers grows in its importance.

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